FIOX combination process

This technology results from a process combination of plasma nitrocarburizing with the elements C and N with integrated oxidation, aiming at an improved wear and fatigue resistance as well as an increased corrosion protection of the workpiece.

Fiox advantages:

  • increase of the surface hardness due to C-N composite material layer
  • surface conversion layer with low roughness as corrosion protection
  • increase of the fatigue resistance
  • optical enhancement by dark grey-black colouring

All Fe-C compounds, forged or cast, can be treated - the layer hardness depends on the respective alloy constituents.
Electro-plated chromium protective layers can be substituted regarding the aspect of corrosion protection.  

In our state-of-the-art pulse-plasma nitrocarburizing plants, workpieces with a diameter of up to 900 mm and a length of up to 2000 mm can be treated with a maximum individual weight of 1 t. Depending on the alloy composition, nitriding hardness depths of 0.1 to 1 mm can be reached.
The process temperatures in the range of 380 - 530°C are considerably lower than those used for salt bath nitriding. The surface roughness from the FIOX process is two times lower.